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Atascadero, CA

Atascadero, CA

Upbeats and Accents

Upbeats and Accents

Music Lessons

Music Lessons

Piano - Voice - Guitar - Bass - Ukulele - Drums

Piano - Voice - Guitar - Bass - Ukulele - Drums

Upbeat and Accents Studio:

Our mission is to make music accessible to everyone. Our lessons cater to diverse learning styles.Whether it’s conquering sheet music, composing, or arranging favorite tunes, we tailor instruction to individual preferences while emphasizing the significance of theory and technique. We don't just teach music – we mentor, instilling persistence and patience for success in music and all facets of life.

Individual Lessons

Limited availability - Please contact

Summer Camps 2024

Rock U - 9-3pm -June 17-22, 2024 $400

Mixed Choir - 11-3pm - July 15-20, 2024 $200

Group Piano - 4-6pm - Monday’s July 1, 8, 15 & 22 $200

Group Lessons







12 - 1pm

Group Piano Ages 7-10

Group Piano Ages 11-17


Group Piano Ages 10-15


Group Adult Piano

Group Piano - 6-8 students. Students have their own keyboard and headphones. These lessons are a mix of playing/performing with each other and working through material at their own pace. In addition to learning their own pieces, they will play duets and pieces written for multiple keyboards and have the opportunity to perform at the end of each semester.

Choir - 8-10 students. Students learn vocal techniques and various vocal selections to sing together and perform at the end of each semester.

All group lessons are $100/mo

About me:

I’ve loved instruments since I was five years old and started playing my babysitters piano. I was told over and over to not choose a life as a musician because there was no future in it. I got a BS in Journalism and tepidly tried out other career choices, while continuing to sing in ensembles, study the bass guitar and guitar.

Over the past couple of decades, I’ve added ukulele and drums to my repertoire and graduated with an AA in Jazz Pedagogy from Cuesta College. In addition to my decades of practice, local and national performance, I’ve trained and taught privately, at TeVelde Conservatory of Music, have taught at Cuesta’s College for Kids, and regularly perform with my rock band, Hot Tina.

My passion lies in guiding students to lead an artful life by equipping them with skills that transcend the realms of music into every dimension life. My patience and ability to relate to all different personality types keeps my waiting list full of students I’ve had the honor to train for many years.

My students with a passion for music go on to pursue music degrees, compose and release their own music and audition and perform with confidence.

Contact us:


Atascadero, CA 93422